The Best Leather iPhone Case You Can Buy


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The usefulness of the smartphone

I am constantly amazed at how people are so addicted to their smartphones but barely touch the surface of their usefulness. I see them looking at them, viewing pictures and texting, but they ask people for a pen and paper in order to jot down a note of information. Open a note app. They try to figure out if something they want to buy is going to match what they have at home. Take a photo. ☺

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Smartphone Cases. Style or Functionality?

Most of you, like me, own a smartphone and love it to death. With the current technology, the screen is the most fragile part of it and the primary interactive component as well. Trying to find the proper case to protect it is very hard with so many choices to choose from. Pouch, flip case, wallet case or the very popular skin cover back case. If you smartphone doesn’t come with the latest version of Gorilla glass, then the first 3 are your best bet, otherwise, it’s a matter of style or function.

Welcome My Fellow Mobile GearHeads

Welcome Mobile GearHeads,

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